26 Apr
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[Media coverage]TriClouds Vies to Bring Power-saving, Wi-Fi-enabled Devices to the Mainstream

By Linko Lin2016-04-25
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TriClouds Technology Inc., is a leading provider of IP Surveillance solutions,offering a wide range of services from residential to business. The company focuses on the core competency in hardware design, software engineering, and manufacturing excellence, and thoroughly devotes itself to IP surveillance business by aggressively developing extensive application integrated products.

"Our cloud solution is extremely popular and a mainstream in Europe and North America," Daphne Chen said, VP and co-founder of TriClouds, adding that it delivers an end-to-end platform that runs across devices, clouds and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics and feature-rich customer experience.

"Our solution is able to connect and control a variety of IoT products to a single mobile app, including smart plugs, vacuum cleaning robots, CO2 sensors, rice cookers, refrigerators, and so forth," she explained.

The IoT devices provided by TriClouds can connect directly to a standard Wi-Fi router in your home without the need for another standalone central hub. "This is a breakthrough to Wi-Fi. With good power management design, Wi-Fi could have a 3 years of battery life as Bluetooth," Chen said, while quoting the advantages of the company's water leakage detector as an example.

She also looks at a hub as both a high cost of entry for consumers to add intelligence to their home, and also a potential source of unnecessary complication in the form of setting up the device and then using the software to program their devices.

"We are actually the first company in Taiwan to embed IoT modules in smart home devices."

According to the TriClouds executive, admonishing affordable, portable wireless devices and solutions are keys to promoting home automation.