TriClouds predecessor is Codetek, founded in March 2007. Codetek focused on software development for network products such as Storage, NAS, USB and IP Camera. We decides to focusing on Clouds Service Platform, so we re-name to "TriClouds" on January 9, 2014, capital: US$1.8 million; employee: 30 people.

TriClouds offers a complete smart home security solution designed to control your home and connect almost any product to the Internet, through an innovative and powerful cloud service tied closely to leading-edge hardware. Our team has strong knowledge and know-how in IP surveillance solutions and Internet services for IoT. TriClouds Solution combines Sky = Clouds; Land = Device; and People = User Interface. Providing the device with intelligence features for your home.

TriClouds provides a cloud-based application enablement platform that makes it easy and cost effective for OEM/ODMs to connect any device to the Internet. Our innovative software creates an adaptive to accelerate the development and support of smart, interactive product solutions, across devices to cloud to applications.

TriClouds’ powerful SW solution in device, Clouds and APP, leading device makers, service providers, and large retailers to quickly integrate secure connectivity and data intelligence into products without substantial design modifications or changes to existing business models, and in a way that end customers understand and appreciate.